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Love comp stands for Lampung Overland Various English Competition (LOVE-Comp) 2011
his event is specially held for senior high school students all around Lampung.
come and join us and then “Internationalize Your Brighter Future”

and here are General Rules of the Competition

Debate Competition

Format of the competition

In this competition, we use the ASIAN parliamentary system which is nationally used, and adopted from international competition which has already been held before. Just like other debate competition, debaters will take side on the motion and have different principles, impacts and arguments. Debating system in LOVE-Comp 2011 is adapting the WSDC (World School Debating Championship) style which allows POI (Pointsof Information) during the seven minutes and twenty seconds substantive speeches of the speakers. Other rules will be discussed at technical meeting.

We also invite you to delegate N+1. There will be debating and adjudicating seminar and accreditation after technical meeting. The seminar participant (N+1) who is successful in getting the accreditation will be the team of adjudicator along the competition, and N+1 who cannot past the test of accreditation will be a trainee adjudicator. The test of accreditation is adjudication exhibition to see on how you give the score for the exhibition teams.

IDR 75.000 each team
IDR 50.000 N+1

Tournament Director Defiana (087899748765)

Chief of Adjudication M. Arif Proklamasi (085269405112)
Deputy Chief of Adjudication Desi Setianingrum (08975737379)

Story Telling Contest

Format of the competition

“Story Telling competition is a competition where the participants show their creativity in visualizing any stories to the audiences in attractive and unique ways within a predetermined time. Originality, creativity, and attractiveness of the delivery of the stories are the main focus in this competition”.

In this competition, there are any two rounds: The preliminary round and the top five round. Participants are allowed to prepare their performance at home (Including properties, tools, et cetera) only for the preliminary round. Three copies of the script for preliminary round must be submitted at to the committee before competition starts. Late submission of the script will result in reduction of final score. Participants are not allowed to bring their scripts during performance, participants should memorize their scripts. Participants are not allowed to use electronic gadgets during the competition (such as cell phone, laptop, electronic dictionary, etc). In the top five round, the story will be impromptu. The committee will prepare few properties. The participants should prepare their self to use all those properties in their story. Every participant should perform in at most 15 minutes for each round. This excludes the time needed by the contestant to prepare his/her props or tools on the stage. The scoring will be based on performance, expression, intonation, pronunciation, fluency, clarity, gesture, and creativity. The theme of the story about “National Fairy Tales”.

IDR 40.000 per participant

Tournament Director Novia Octavia (08988889031)

Scrabble Competition

Format of the competition
“SCRABBLE is a board game with a nature similar to a crossword puzzle. It is a word game that is played by forming interlocking words out of randomly picked letters, on the playing board and aim for the highest score possible. Each letter is worth various different values. The purpose of this competition is not only to test and increase the participant's vocabulary, but also to challenge participants to take the best advantage of letter values and premium squares on the board. Therefore this SCRABBLE Competition is just the right place to combine your vocabulary skills and your strategies because EVERY WORD COUNTS!”

In this competition we use “Collins dictionary”. The qualification system is Knock Out.

IDR 50.000 each team

Tournament Director Rizka Mahardika (085279677272)

Speech Contest

Format of the competition
“Being a public speaker is not as simple as using your wits. Get yourself closer to the real world of speaking in front of the public”.
There will be two rounds in this competition. For the first round, all participants are given the freedom to choose their own topic based on the list given by committee. Therefore, they have to submit 3 copies of the text of their speech to the committee at the day of the technical meeting day. They will have 10 minutes to present their topics in front of the judges. A judge will be given five (5) minutes to ask you questions after you deliver your speech.Then, we will choose 5 best participants to go to the Grand Final Round. The topic in the Grand Final Round will be given after the announcement of the grand finalists and the participants will only have 30 minutes to prepare for the speech. The committee will determine the turn of the grand finalists through lottery. Three judges will ask you as many question as they want in five minutes. and Judge’s decision is final.

IDR 40.000 per participant

Tournament Director Ayu Pratami Putri (08996424551)

News Casting Contest

Format of the competition

Professional News Casters need to develop skills in reading and presenting at the same time. Thus, communication skills, intelligence, general knowledge, not to mention your spontaneity are the key performance for every News Casters!
There will be two rounds in this competition. For the qualification round, Participants will cast one news in 5 minutes that consist of opening and closing. Form of the news is reading text to see the ability of your fluency, pronunciation, how to keep eye contact and how to present the news with your own style and character. After this round, we are going to choose 5 best participants according to the score. In this round, Participants will cast two news in 7 minutes that consist of opening and closing. Participants will get 2 minutes to prepare themselves before casting their news in the qualification round and 3 minutes in top five rounds.

IDR 40.000 per participant

Tournament Director Ratih Sulistiyani (085279548567)

Place : UKM-U ESo’s Homebase (Gedung Puskom Unila lantai dasar)
Date : January 5, 2011-January 27, 2011
Time : 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
If you are from out of Bandar Lampung, you have an option to transfer the registration fee.
(a. n. HESTI SETYA WATI, Bank BNI, Nomor Rekening 0192406034) Download the registration form on or send an email to to ask for the registration form. Fill the registration form completely. Scan the registration form and the receipt of your money transfer to Bring the original one on the technical meeting day.
Technical Meeting
Place : C Building of FKIP of the University of Lampung
Day/Date : Thursday, January 27, 2011
Time : 2:00 P.M.
Contact Person
Hesti Setya Wati (Chief of Registration Affair) 085669715147