Kamis, 13 November 2008

ESo's Department Program 2008-2009

Education and Human Resources Development Department
Head : Erlan Heryanto

1. Managing new member selection’s, weekly tutorial, and specific and acceleration class tutorial;
2. Conducting workshop on “Effective Public Speaking”
3. Upgrading of organizational skills for board.
4. Certification of tutorial program.
5. Conducting ESo’s EXPO
6. Conducting internal competition and delegation.
7. Making an archive about programs to do and done.

Administration and Home Base Security Department
Head : Hendra Putra Turnip

1. Managing the schedule of secretariat room use and preparing the tools needed.
2. Managing in and out letter; including the number of letter, etc.
3. Being SC in every event; making proposal, letters needed, and being responsible to everything that relates to correspondence and administration.
4. Making a data about ESo’s stuff and helping Education and Development Department in making tidy the report of tutorial program.
5. Making an archive of all ESo’s Department program and the mapping of the program in form of hard copy, soft copy, and table.
6. Making an archive about programs to do and done.

Creativity and Financial Support Department
Head : Arif Proklamasi

1. Publishing Intermezzo (wall magazine and bulletin)
2. Organizing ESo’s holiday and creativity days for members each month.
3. Creating and marketing some ESo’s stuff, e.g. T-shirt, pin, stickers, etc.
4. Helping treasurer in financing the organization.
5. Fulfilling facilities of ESo’s secretariat room.
6. Making an archive about programs to do and done.

Public Relation Department
Head : Rudi Hariyanto

1. Managing Website, Friendster, and Email, ESo’s Corner (containing the information of activities to do and done)
2. Initiating three monthly EC meeting.
3. Handling and looking for the information of English competition locally or nationally; including getting the invitation.
4. Being responsible to the success and the delivery of the proposal to rectorat, regency, etc.
5. Being responsible to every invitation of events conducted by ESo; meeting, competition, etc.
6. Managing invitation of a certain program from other organization.
7. Making an archive about programs to do and done.

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