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The Profile of Our Leader

The first impression that you will get when you meet him is that he is born as a natural and real javanese. He is not like someone that we think as the boss. He likes being among us, knowing each of us and caring each individual as his own brother or sister. "An absolutely down to earth president", it's perhaps the most appropriate term that we can give to him. But anyway, this is no wonder I guess since he is the only child in his family, so he tries to find his sister and brother by himself rather than asking his parents to make it for him.
His full name is Kristian Adi Putra. Some of us usually call him "Kak Kristian", but sometimes "Kak Tian." But anyway he likes being called "Dear, My handsome leader." Later finally all of us know that this is the first knowledge that we get from this organization that we if already become ESo members are not allowed to be humble, low profile, and kind. Oh, how crazy it is! But we understand all of these are correct. We like listening to the way he is speaking because even if he has tried hard to speak in British and American Dialect, we will still know he is a javanese. Haha
Kak Kristian was born in gadingrejo, June 17, 1987. Even though his name is Krisian but actually he is a moslem. He also does not know why his name is Kristian. He still lives with his parents who work as an elementary school teacher. Without explaining that his parents are from java, I guess you already know that. Sometimes, we even see that he still speaks javanese in our beloved home base. And he promises us to give us the training of javanese for gobalization era. hehe, I do not want to come actually, but in order to make him happy, I will try to come even if I can not imagine how it will be.
He is actually a very ordinary man. We can see from the way he dresses. His hair is messy. His skin is an absolutely nice dark. Moreover, he is thin and tall. he is a very not good looking guy. yupz, now I guess you understand why in every ESo letter he always writes "Your handsome leader." Haha. He tries to praise himself because nobody does. Anyway we also finally try to do so, so that he will be happy and keep being among us.
Even if he is ordinary, he has many experiences and achievement that we need to know and learn. Anyway, he is great and like a room warmer for us when we're cold and an AC when we're feeling hot. Let's see his curriculum vitae.


1. Full Name : Kristian Adi Putra
2. Surname : Kristian
3. Date of Birth : Gadingrejo, June 17, 1987
4. Mailing Address : Jln. Pramuka No. 116 Komplek SDN 6 Gadingrejo
Kabupaten Tanggamus, Lampung 35372
5. HP :-
6. Email : -
7. Nationality : Indonesian
8. Gender : Female
9. Religion : Islam


1. SD Negeri 9 Gadingrejo, Kabupaten Tanggamus (1993-1999)
2. SMP Negeri 1 Gadingrejo, Kabupaten Tanggamus (1999-2002)
3. SMA Negeri 1 Pringsewu, Kabupaten Tanggamus (2002-2003)
4. SMA Negeri 1 Gadingrejo, Kabupaten Tanggamus (2003-2005)
5. S1 English Study Program at Language and Arts Department of the Teacher’s Training and Education Faculty of Lampung University (2005-now)
6. Intensive English Short Course at the Department of English as a Second Language of the University of Arizona, the United States of America (January 12, 2009-March 12, 2009)


1. English Teacher at SD Negeri 6 Gadingrejo, Kabupaten Tanggamus (January 2006-July 2008)
2. English Teacher at IEC Way Halim, Bandar Lampung (January 2007-July 2008)
3. English Teacher at SMA Negeri 1 Gadingrejo, Kabupaten Tanggamus (November 2007-July 2008)
4. English Teacher and Translator at Darma Bangsa International School, Bandar Lampung (August 2007-now)


1. The Participant of A Day Training of Research Paper Writing by UKM-F Natural of Mathematics and Scientifics Faculty of Lampung University. (December 23, 2006)
2. The Participant of Teacher’s Training held by Sekolah Darma Bangsa, Bandar Lampung. (June 23-July 5, 2008)
3. The Participant of Computer Training held by B.Be.C Widya Yahya in cooperation with SMA Negeri 1 Pringsewu and SMA Negeri 1 Gadingrejo. (2002-2005)


1. C Grade Adjudicator of the 10th Indonesian varsities English Debate at the University of Jenderal Sudirman, Purwokerto, Central Java. (February 2-6, 2007)
2. The Semifinalist and the 6th Best Speaker of National University English Debating Contest held by DIKJEN DIKTI and the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. (April 23-25, 2008)
3. One of the debaters of Lampung University at Asian Universities Debating Championship held by the Technology Institute of Bandung. (May 9-17, 2007)
4. The First Winner of Scrabble Competition at the 42nd DIES NATALIS UNILA held by Lampung University. (September 5, 2007)
5. The Outstanding Teacher Award during matriculation classes at Darma Bangsa International School. (June 2-14, 2008)


1. The Deputy Tournament Director and the Adjudicator of the 3rd National Universities English Debating Championship at the 20th PIMNAS held by Lampung University. (July 18-21, 2007)
2. The School Manager of Darma Bangsa International School in Teknokrat English Competition 2008. (March 1-2, 2008)
3. The Tournament Director and the Adjudicator of Debate Contest at the 10th SEPC of Language and Arts Students Association of FKIP of Lampung University. (September 8-9, 2007)
4. The Adjudicator of Debate at the 7th EEC in Action (EIA) Southern Sumatra Regional English Competition 2008. (February 9-10, 2008)


1. General Secretary of Student Executive Board, Junior High School 1 Gadingrejo, Tanggamus Regency
2. General Leader of Student Executive Board, Junior High School 1 Gadingrejo, Tanggamus Regency
3. Head of Youth Red Cross, Junior High School 1 Gadingrejo, Tanggamus Regency
4. Head of Youth Moslem Organization, Senior High School 1 Pringsewu, Tanggamus Regency
5. General Secretary of Human Resources Development Department, Student Executive Board, Senior High School 1 Pringsewu, Tanggamus Regency
6. Head of Football Organization, Senior High School 1 Pringsewu, Tanggamus Regency
7. Advisor Board of Student Executive Board, Senior High School 1 Gadingrejo, Tanggamus Regency
8. Head of Education Department of Moslem English Club of English Study Program, Lampung University
9. Advisory Board of HMJ Pendidikan Bahasa dan Seni, FKIP, Lampung University
10. The president of UKM-U English Society of Lampung University


1. Computer : Office Program, Internet, Graphic Design, and Web Design.
2. TOEFL : 578 (TOEFL ITP taken on June 21, 2008 at IIEF Jakarta)

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