Rabu, 19 November 2008

The Second President of ESo

Personal Information

Name :Madlias
Address :Ratu Dibalau street - Bandar Lampung
Date of Birth :Bandar Lampung, September 25, 1986
Religion :Islam

Educational Background

1. Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Nurul Islam – South Lampung and SD Negeri 1 Way Kandis Bandar Lampung.
2. SMP Negeri 21 Bandar Lampung.
3. SMKN 2 Bandar Lampung

Organizational Background

1. The Chief of Technology English Club at SMKN2 Bandar Lampung.
2. The Chief of English Society at Lampung University


1. The Teacher in Intensive English Course ( IEC ) Bandar Lampung.


1. The Indonesian Youth Ambassador in Youth Exchange Program to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and with other South East Asian countries in SSEAYP 2007.
2. The First Winer of Mekhanai Lampung in Pemilihan Muli Mekhanai Lampung 2007
3. The First Winner of National Debating Championship in Gajah Mada University – Jogjakarta 2003.
4. The First Winner of many Debate, Speech and News Casting Championship in Lampung.

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