Senin, 10 November 2008

What is UKM-U English Society of Lampung University?

English Society is the only university scoped English organization in Lampung University. English Society was established on November 24, 2005 by some UNILA’s students who were interested in English. ESo’s establishment was also based on the coordination and consolidation among English Club in Lampung University There are 4 departments within our organization, they are Education and Development Department, Public Relation and Financial Department, Administration and Homeland Security Department, Creativity and Art Department.

So far, English Society has made three reorganization, and the current organization structure is:
President : Kristian Adi Putra
Vice President : Balqis Nur Kemala Sari
Secretary : Eka
Treasurer : Indah
Head of Education and Development Department : Erlan Heryanto
Head of Public Relation and Financial : Rudi
Head of Art & Creativity: Arif Proklamasi
Head of Administration and Homeland Security : Hendra Putra

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