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Here we Go.... Nationwide E-Fest 2011

At the first beginning, E-Fest (ESo Festival) was only a dream of our English Society (ESo) of Lampung University. However ESoers were trying hard to make it realized. We believe, when there is a will, there is the way. Thus, in 2009 E-Fest was born with 5 branches of competitions namely Debate, Speech, Scrabble, News Casting and Story Telling. That was aimed for students in Lampung scoped only.

Then in 2010, we held E-Fest 2010 for the second time for Lampung region still. Later, we realized that students from other institutions outside Lampung demanded E-Fest to be a nationwide English competition so everyone in the country has the same chance to participate regardless where they were from. Regarding that consideration, we welcomed some institutions outside Lampung to also join E-Fest. In the end, general trophy came to Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) because they grabbed the general winner.

So, who is next? What institution is going to get general trophy this year?

Here is the thing. We're gonna have two general trophies this year; Lampung Governor's Trophy for Varsity category, and Rector's Trophy for Senior High School category.

So, here we go...

This year, we proudly present a prestigious competition “Nationwide E-Fest 2011” that will be held on October, 13th-17th 2011. We would like to hold a national competition in national level, with six branches of competition namely: BP Debate, Scrabble, Speech, Story Telling, News Casting, and Wall Magazine.

Now, it is time for you to get our general trophy! Let’s have a nice and prestigious competition with us! Don’t miss it!! ^-^

Here is some brief information for each of the branch of competitions:


It is purposed for varsity (general) and senior high school category. The format of this debate is British Parliamentary System with 8 rounds consist of 5 preliminary rounds, quarter-final round, semi-final round, and grand final round. All motions from preliminary round until grand final round will be impromptu.

There will be no separation for all team in preliminary round then in the next round till grand final round, we would like to divide you into senior high school category and varsity category (general came into varsity category). So, we will have the winner from each category, senior high school and varsities.

So we are really waiting for you to join this competition, be the winner, and GLORIFY YOUR PATH AS THE CHAMPION.

*** further information is to be announced.


There will be 5 rounds in speech contest Nationwide E-Fest 2011. It consists of 2 preliminary rounds, quarter final round, semi final round, and final round which consist of full-preparation speech and impromptu speech.

There will be 60 participants only for speech contest Nationwide E-Fest 2011. They will compete in two preliminary rounds. The adjudicators will decide top 12 participants who will compete for the next quarter final round. For the semi final round, there are only 6 participants who will fight to compete in final rounds and be the 3 champions.

We will provide you some hot theme for your speech. And it will be great if you keep in touch with several issues which happened recently.

*** further information is to be announced.


Story Telling competition is an individual competition where the participants show their creativity in visualizing any stories to the audiences in attractive and unique ways within a predetermined time. In this competition, each participant should show their abilities in telling a story and expressing the story within or without preparation. Moreover, participants will deliver a story and demonstrate it in accordance with the character contained in the stories with their own style. The participants are free to explore and discover ways to make the story become more interesting. Improvisation, imagination, originality, creativity and attractiveness of the delivery of the stories are the main focus in this competition.

Strongly hope that the story telling competition is able to develop your speaking skills, building your confidence, developing creativity, self-expression in telling a story and entertaining the audience. Story telling can encourage people to explore their unique expressiveness and can heighten ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate, lucid manner.

In short, joining this competition is definitely the solution to get the purposes of story telling. We invite you to be dared as a story teller and be the champion. Feel challenged?


  1. Nationwide English Society Festival 2011 story telling competition will be held in 3 days for 4 rounds; preliminary, quarter final, semi final and final.
  2. Preliminary round is the first round where every registered participant competes. Preliminary round consist of two rounds, the first preliminary round and the second preliminary round.
  3. Quarter Final round is the second round where only twelve participants with the highest score from preliminary round compete for quarter final round.
  4. Semi Final round is the third round where only six participants with the highest score and the best performance from quarter final round compete for semi final round.
  5. Final round is the last round where only three participants with the greatest performance and the highest score from semi final round compete for being a champion.
  6. Every rule and regulation must be followed by the participants. Disqualification is necessary for the participant who violates the rule.


The First Preliminary Round: This round, all participants are required to prepare their story at home. Theme of story is “Superstar Life Journey”. The participants are allowed to bring their own properties to make the story become more interesting. Each participant must submit three copies of the script at to the committee before the competition starts. Each participant gets maximum 7 minutes to perform their story.

The Second Preliminary Round: In this round, we will prepare some properties. There will be about 15 properties and the participants will get 3 properties randomly by taking lottery from the committee. The participants are required to use all those three properties in their story and cannot use other than what we have prepared. The genre of the story will no be determined and it is all up to their creativity.

All the participants will initially be in the quarantine room. In this room, participants will not know the properties that they will get. The participants will see the properties that must use and start typing the script for the second preliminary in the preparation room. After that, each participant will be called to perform in front of the judges for 5 minutes.

Quarter Final Round: For this round, we will provide one paragraph of the story and the participants must continue that story by their imagination and creativity. All quarter finalists in this round will get different story and they are demanded to make the story being so different and interesting.

Semi Final Round: The general concept of this round is to make a story based on the song. Participant will be given the lyric of the song and will hear the song for 1 time. Then they will have to explore the ways of delivering the story based on the song they have heard. There will be no properties allowed in this round. To make the judges easier to judge, they will also be given the lyrics and hear the song before the competition begin. In this round, they have 5 minutes to hear of the song and 10 minutes to explore ways of telling a story and preparation. Each participant has 10 minutes to perform their story.

Final Round: The final round will be in the form of role play story where there is an involvement from some other neutral people in running the story. The committee in this story, will set up the scenarios and pretend to be the actors in the story. There will be some properties prepared by the committee to assist finalists to run the story. What the finalists need to do is to create a story based on the scenarios performed by the committee and pretend to be one of the actors in the story. The finalists also need to use the properties to help them create a story idea. This is the most challenging round that it demand the creativity to create a story idea with no preparation.

*** further information is to be announced.


“All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.” -John F. Kennedy-

We have equal opportunities to develop our talent. No matter who we are, from where, or what our skin color. We have equal opportunity to improve our talent. Challenge yourself to join the competition and perform in front of camera.

Telling an entire nation what's important and happening day in and day out sounds like a prestigious position. But being a professional and great news caster requires a lot of hard work and competition.
News casting is a competition which develop your skill in reading, presenting, and interviewing. All of skills that developed in News casting, relate to public communication in which you as the anchors
inform the latest news around the world and educate people. Communication skills, intelligence, general knowledge, not to mention your spontaneity are the key performance for every newscaster. It is the way that will bring you into the journalism world and begin your debut. Experiencing in News casting competition will make you learn more.

The more you practice, the better result you will get. The more you experience in competition, the more lesson you will learn.


There will be 5 rounds in the News casting Competition of Nationwide English Society Festival.

The first Preliminary Round: There will be 60 participants. Each participant will present a news in 5 minutes.

The second Preliminary Round: The number of participants will be 60. Each participant will have live report in 5 minutes.

Quarterfinal round: There will be 12 finalists. Each finalist will present a news and weather forecast in total 5 minutes.

Semifinal round: There will be six finalists who get best score in the quarter Round will go to the semifinal round. Here, The participants will be paired into 3 teams (1 team consists of 2 persons). Each team has to present the news in 10 minutes.

Grandfinal Round: There will be 3 finalists here. Each participants will interview a guest star in 12 minutes.

*** further information is to be announced.


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” -dad poets-

“It’s amazing that amount of the news that happen in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper” -Jerry Seinfeld-

Wise words say how powerful the words to change the world. With words people can say many things, expressing the ideas, and People will not say much when they don’t have ideas because words have a power to make people aware what you say is meaningful. World speak up what happen in the world by powerful words through news. Starting from happy to write things that are simple, not impossible for someone to be more open-minded to further develop your pleasure in the field of authorship in a more professional.

Readers will get a distribution associated with desire, aspiration, love, longing, concern, and various other thoughts that cannot be channeled his own. Wall magazine aspirations can be cast away to readers who have written to others, and become a means of joint authorship to argue about something, wishes, comments, banter, criticize, and still many others.

As a young child who is sensitive to their surroundings, with a view of the fact that in this life always raises the question, then wall magazine will be encouraged to give birth in order to release or article
spilling all kinds of ideas and thoughts.

If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall, then I think we’d see the beauty there and stand staring in awe. By inspiration, let creativity flow through your word and start make the wall magazine.


There will be five rounds in Wall Magazine competition. It consists of 1st preliminary, 2nd preliminary, quarter round, semifinal round, and final round. We have maximum 45 teams and for each team consist of two participants.

In the first preliminary round, each group makes 2D Wall Magazine that we provide a month before competition for their wall-magazine. (???)

In the second preliminary, the teams have just have to present about their wall magazine within 10 minutes.

There will be only 12 teams in quarterfinal round that are going to do the theme-based wall magazine prepared by the committee. The teams will make a 3D wall magazine within two hours, including the preparation time.

In semifinal round, big six teams will be selected for final round. Here, there will be theme-free wall magazine by utilizing recycle material.

Eventually, three best teams are going to compete for the champion position. We have amazing theme and we play with your own creativity. And also we provide main material for this special round.

Scoring criterion:

· Creativity: 30%

· Material: 30%

· Content: 25%

· Teamwork: 15%

*** further information is to be announced.


In this competition, we will have the Collins Scrabble system.

In an English-language set the game contains 100 tiles, 98 of which are marked with a letter and a point value ranging from 1 to 10. The number of points of each lettered tile is based on the letter's frequency in standard English writing; commonly used letters such as E or O are worth one point, while less common letters score higher, with Q and Z each worth 10 points. The game also has two blank tiles that are unmarked and carry no point value. The blank tiles can be used as substitutes for any letter; once laid on the board, however, the choice is fixed. Other language sets use different letter set distributions with different point values. If a player uses all seven of the tiles in the rack in a single play, a bonus of 50 points is added to the score of that play, these bonus points are added after totaling the score for that turn.

Competition Format :

There are 5 competition phases : preliminary round , octo final round , quarter final round , semi final round and grand final round.

1. Preliminary round

preliminary round 1 the first phase consist of 4 matches. There will be 128 teams competing one another with Australian match drawing system ( no repetition with the same opponent).

2. Octo final round

each participant who breaks to octo final will face their opponent according to the drawing in the grouping match. Participant will play 3 matches in each group. The winner will be determined by accumulation of victory points from both games. If they share the same victory point , then the winner will be determined by the highest total spread of the 3 games.

3. Quarter final round

the same as octo, 4 teams with the highest margin from both matches will break to the semi final round.

4. Semifinal round

four semifinalist will compete one another with king of the hill drawing system ( which allows repetition with the same opponent). 2 teams with the highest victory points from both semi final round will break to the grand final round

5. Grand final

finally both grand finalist will meet each other in this grand final round and we will determine the champion and the 1st runner up.

6. Final round

For both semi finalist who failed to break to the grand final round , they will be compete in this round to determine the 2nd runner up.

Rules :

1. All participants must show their identity tag given by the commitee when entering the comp. Room.

2. During the game, players aren’t allowed to :

-open any kind of dictionary , books , handphone , or other reading materials

-distract other player's attention in any way

- leave the location of the game by any cause,unless permitted by the regulator

3. After the game all players must sign the result sheet, as to agree the final score. Once the score sheet is signed, no objection can be made.

4. If a team win because of his/her opponent's lateness, the margin of the winner will be +150 and 1vp,if both player dont come both got 0vp and -150 margin

5. in each match, a winning team will get 1 vp,while the defeated team will get 0 vp

6. margin/spread is difference. so if the winner gets 400 points , and the defeated gets 200 points, the winner will get plus 200 margins, defeated get minus 200 margins

7. the committee reserves the rights to disqualify a player who refused to be subjected to the regulations of the game

8. the committee has full authority with regard to the interpretation and modification, if necessary of these rules.the decision of the committee with respect to these rules will be final and binding.

Registration opens: August 1st- October 1st

Early Bird : August 1st- September 1st

Late Bird: September 2nd- October 1st

BP Debate

Varsity: 48 caps

Senior High: 48 caps

-Early Bird: IDR 450.000 (Per Team + N 1)

-Late Bird: IDR 500.000 (Per Team + N 1)

Varsity: 64 caps
Senior High: 64 caps

-Early Bird: IDR 275.000 (Per Team)
-Late Bird: IDR 300.000 (Per Team)

Speech (General: 60 caps)

-Early Bird: IDR 200.000
-Late Bird: IDR 225.000

Story Telling
(General: 60 caps)

-Early Bird: IDR 200.000
-Late Bird: IDR 225.000

News Casting (General: 60 caps)

-Early Bird: IDR 200.000
-Late Bird: IDR 225.000

Wall Magazine (General: 40 caps)

-Early Bird: IDR 250.000
-Late Bird: IDR 275.000

*** We are really sorry for this inconvenience facility. but we promise to catch up the complete one soon. Please always update our blog. Please also contact our administration officer, Fitrivani Amalia Rahadi at 085269935458 or Hesti Setyawati at 085669715147. Thank you. :)

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