Selasa, 03 Maret 2015

WELCOME Poli Tekhnik Unila (POLINELA) English Club (PEC) !!!

It was Thrusday, January 15th 2015  when POLINELA’S English Club (PEC) came to ESo’s homebase. It was the first time for them to come to ESo’s homebase, so it was also the first time we met them. The purpose of PEC’s coming was they would like to share about the organization’s matters and ask about some tips and tricks for holding the English competition since they were still a new English club, so they wanted to know more about holding or taking part in English competitions.

ESo was really happy and proud to be visited by them. We prepared some gorengan and mineral waters to them. PEC sent nine of its members to come to Eso. There were the president and other boards of PEC pesenting some programs of PEC. They were just inagurated some couple days ago before they came to ESo.  But even they were still new, we can sommunicate well and warmly related to each our own work plans.

From the conversation made by PEC and ESo, we got some points related to future meeting. One of them we wanted to have sparing meeting which involved the members of ESo and PEC to train some branch English competition, such as crabble, speech, and debate.  They also asked us to come to their homebase.

That was the coming of PEC, ESo hope that we can come to EC POLINELA too one day in order to strengthen the relation between us.

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