Kamis, 20 Agustus 2015


THW assess students on individual academic development instead of standardized examination results.
THBT schools should avoid instilling a sense of patriotism.
THW ban all school events that consist of online games tournament (eg. Dota, point blank, etc) for students.

THBT as an attractive educated women, we would choose to marry for money than pursue career.
In case to fulfill their CSR, THBT company should only provide schoolarship based on intelligent, ability, and talent compared to level of financial degree.
THBT feminist movement should exclude activist who argue that transwomen are not women.

THW impose a high tax on unhealthy foods.
THBT the EU should immadiately forgives all Greece’s debt.
TH regrets the rising of sharing economy (E.g: Airbnb, Uber, Go-Jek)

THW prohibit the media from reporting on the private lives of any person without their explicit permission
THBT Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy should allocate substantial amount of subsidy to incentivize creative industries (eg. cineas and musicians) that produce children needs (eg. Movies and songs).
THBT net anonymity brings more harm than good.

THW make the salary of politicians equal to the per capita income of the country
TH support simultaneous regional head elections
This House would abolish the monarchy.

THBT Hong Kong should not extend citizenship to children born in Hong Kong whose parents are not Hong Kong citizenship.
THBT the struggle against ISIS should be conducted solely by Middle East nations.
THW not allow individuals to opt into a one-way mission to Mars with the Mars One Project.

Adjudication Core:
Hartati (UKM-U English Society Universitas Lampung)
Atika Dian Purwandani(UKM-U English Society Universitas Lampung)

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