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 In this competition, participants will be delivering English stories in accordance with the characters in their own style. Participants are given 10 minutes for their performances. Participants are allowed to use costumes, pictures, visual aids, and any supportive materials to make their stories more interesting.
The scoring criteria of the competition are Matter (grammar, vocabulary, story substances, pronunciation) and Performance (interaction, intonation, and punctuality of time,).
LOVECOMP 2015 Story Telling Competition will be held in three rounds, preliminary round, semifinal round, and final round.
·      Preliminary round and semifinal round
Prepared stories. The participants have 10 minutes for performance.
1.     The Competition will be held in three rounds, preliminary round, semifinal round, and final round.
2.     Each participant must prepare 3 copies of their story (preliminary round and semifinal round).
3.     Preliminary round is the first round where every registered participant competes.
4.     Semifinal round is the second round where only ten participants with the highest score from preliminary round compete for Next Round (Final Round).
5.     Final round is the third and last round where only five participants with the highest score from semifinal round compete for championship.
6.     Themes for preliminary round and semifinal round are as follows:
a)    Preliminary round : Magic World
b)    Semifinal round : Fairy Tale
7.     Every rule must be followed. Disqualification is necessary for any participant who violates the rule. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence pertaining to the judging process will be reconsidered.
1.     Each participant must come at least 30 minutes before the competition begins.
2.     There will be two rooms for the participants. They are performing room and quarantine room. When the first participant is performing, the other participants have to wait in the quarantine room.
3.     The participants who have performed may be the audience or get out of the room.
4.     Every communication device must be silenced or turned off at the competition venue, unless permitted by the Committee.
5.     Recording devices are allowed within the competition venue.
6.     Supporters must not disturb any of the participant’s performance (ex: taking photo is allowed without   flash).   The   Committee   will   expel   supporters   who   violate   any   of   these   rules   from   the competition venue.
7.     None of Supporters or participants come in or out the competition venue while performances
8.     None of the participants is allowed to read any story text or keynote when delivering the story.
9.     Participants may opt to use equipments (props or costumes), at their own expense, during the delivery of their performance.
10.  Each   participant   will   be   called   three   times   in   a   row   based   on   his/her   turn   to   perform   (first chance).
11.  Participant   who   doesn’t   show   up   at   the   first   call,   three   times   in   a   row   (first   chance)   will   be called on the last turn (second chance).
12.  Participants who don’t come on the second chance will be disqualified.
13.  Equipments are as follows:
·      Participants  are  allowed  to  bring  equipments  to  enhance  their  story  telling performance, as long as they take responsibility for those equipments, the committee will   not   be   responsible   for   any   lost   or  damage  of the equipments  brought  by the participants.
·      Participants’ equipments may not consist of harmful material or object
14.  If participants still use the harmful material as the equipments while performing, he/she will be DISQUALIFIED at that time.

1.     Participants must not endanger him/herself and/or anyone else’s health.
2.     Should      the   participant     continue     to   violate    this  rule  after   being    warned,     he/she     will  be disqualified from the competition.
3.     The timekeeper as a sign for a participant to start delivering their story will raise a green flag up.
4.     A yellow flag will be raised up again on the 4th, 6th, 9th minute.
5.     A red flag will be raised up as a waning for the participants that the 10th minute time is up.
6.     15 seconds will be given as a tolerance time right after the 10th minute.
7.     The tolerance time will be a consideration for score lessening. Thus every second past the tolerance time will reduce the score.

                a.   Matter (55%)
                     - Grammar                                                          10%
                     - Vocabulary                                                      10%
                     - Story Interpretation                                        25%
                     - Pronunciation                                                  10%

                b.   Performance (45%)
                     - Interaction (stage act, eye contact,                  30%
                       costume, equipments, expressions and
                       body language)
                     - Intonation                                                        10%
                     - Time management                                            5%

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