Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015

#ENGLISHDAYS 2015 Motion of Debate Competition

·             THW abolish special needs school (like LGBT)
·             THW Ban Homework
·             As school, THW actively support the campaign of safe sex education

·             THW Ban Children from Becoming Professional Models
·             In order to promote domestic local culture THBT domestic beauty pageant (e.g. Abang None Muli Mekhanai etc) is no longer in line with the purpose
·             THW oblige public figure to have local traditional wedding

·             As liberal democratic countries, THW increase of Tax Exemptions from Religious Institutions that Refuse to Recognize Marriage Equality
·             THW expel Greece from EU
·             THBT the extending contract of Freeport brings more harm than good

·             THW ban music containing lyrics that glorify violent and criminal lifestyles
·             THW not prosecute hacktivist for a political or social motivated purpose
·             THW ban the owner of news media to show political affiliation

·             THW Remove All Patents on Green Technology
·             TH regrets foreign involvements for the haze case in Indonesia
·             THW allow cloning of endangered and extinct species of animals

Adjudication Core:
Puspita Wening (UKM-U English Society Universitas Lampung)
M. Fikri Hasan (UKM-U English Society Universitas Lampung)

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